The GRAND Piano

A concert grand in a pianos clothing.


A new
world of
piano art

The C. Bechstein Concert pianos

Experience piano moments in perfection with C. Bechstein. Our Concert Series pianos reveal just the best of everything: The best in materials, in craftsmanship, in passion for details, in innovation. From this evolves the best in sound, in playing pleasure, in design – simply a whole new piano experience.

Imagine sitting down at a piano and playing a concert grand. An experience that you can only have with a C. Bechstein piano from the Concert series. When you touch the keys with your own hands, the feeling of playing captivates you, the first notes resound, the room opens up and for once you are no longer sure: Am I playing a piano or is it a concert grand after all?

Are you looking for something special? A true masterpiece? Look no further. C. Bechstein Concert Pianos turn even the most intimate room into a concert hall. We promise you'll never want to play another piano again.

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The epitome of the highest playing pleasure

A delight for your senses
The aesthetic design, the invigorating incomparable sound, the unique playing experience – all this makes the Concert Pianos from C. Bechstein a unique experience that gets under your skin. Masterful craftsmanship, exquisite materials, the most elaborate workmanship – a genuine C. Bechstein Concert Piano.

At home in the world

These pianos explore any room

„The sound flows so elegantly, beautifully and reacts to the tiniest divergence of the touch you create.“

Katrīna Suroveca, Pianist

Designed for you

Breathtaking sound, iconic design and the feel of a stage instrument: C. Bechstein Concert Series pianos make your home and your playing an experience.  

Richard, Sergei, Elton –
it’s a kind
of magic

C. Bechstein – a sound changes the world

Ray Charles

Cosima and Richard Wagner,
Franz Liszt and Hans von Bülow

Unique in style

Since 1853, C. Bechstein in Germany has been creating the most sophisticated sound culture. Manufactured with the greatest craftsmanship, created with a unique sound, they are the ultimate for every lover of exceptional pianos and concert grands.

Hans von Bülow, Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt appreciated the quality of the instruments as much as Wilhelm Backhaus, Sergei Rachmaninow or Leonard Bernstein. Pop and rock history would also be poorer by a few hits without the name C. Bechstein. Elton John, the Beatles, Queen, Ariana Grande and countless other artists drew inspiration for some of their greatest songs from instruments made by the C. Bechstein manufactory. A constant and magnificent legacy of our company founder, to whose spirit of development the company is still committed today.

Sofiane Pamart

Duke Ellington

Leonard Bernstein

Sofiane Pamart

C. Bechsteins Pianos are resounding benefits to the musical world.“

Richard Wagner

Piano craftsmanship in perfection

soul of

Unique worldwide

The C. Bechstein Pianofortemanufaktur is the origin of incomparable piano magic. Under the hands of first-class piano builders, individual masterpieces are created here. A unique combination of 160 years of experience, the latest findings of our research and development department and a passion for piano building that is second to none.

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