Concert C 8

The peak of piano Making

C. Bechstein - Concert C 8

The benchmark for every concert grand

The master class piano

Playing the C. Bechstein Concert C 8 is to open a door into a completely new world of sound and playing experience. The Concert C 8 opens up completely new dimensions in which you can experience everything on a Concert Piano that defines an absolute top concert grand.

Here, the sound ideal of C. Bechstein finds its piano perfection: Wonderfully singing, warm, pure and with an almost inexhaustible richness of overtones. Perfect precision and the highest playing comfort elevate the joy of playing to true playing ecstasy. This piano will never let you go. And you will not want to touch any other.

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Finishes - Concert C 8

Stylish and elegant

From classic to extravagant

The C. Bechstein Concert C 8 is the absolute pinnacle of sound, design and craftsmanship. Whether in black or white polished, walnut, mahogany, cherry, burr walnut, vavona or very exclusively – macassar – each polished or satin-finished: This love of tone and this passion for detail can only be found in this form from C. Bechstein. Individual finishes by arrangement.

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Our pianos open the door to a limitless world of creative apps and music software and let you connect to music production, notation and e-learning applications from both C. Bechstein and third-party providers. How it works? State-of-the-art optical sensor technology accurately captures your playing without disturbing your playing experience and translates it into MIDI signals. Easily connect your smartphone, tablet or notebook to your piano wirelessly via Bluetooth and instantly unlock all new digital features. The C. Bechstein Connect is factory installed in all C. Bechstein instruments.

Finishes: Polished black | Polished white | Vavona | Macassar
Dimensions: 132 x 154 x 68 cm
Weight: 262 kg
Optional: VARIO duet Digitalsystem

A concert grand? A piano? A Concert C 8

„Bechstein is to pianists what Stradivarius and Amati are to violinists.“

Hans von Bülow

Facts & Information

Perfection in the art of piano making

Concert Pianos - our masterpieces


With the mighty conical detent beams made of pine wood, the Concert Series has the most stable piano detent of our pianos. In addition to the highest dimensional stability, the particularly elaborate furan resin process of the C. Bechstein Concert cast plate also ensures the best sound characteristics. Thus, these highest quality components form the stable backbone of our C. Bechstein Concert Pianos.


Thanks to its sophisticated geometry and the highest-quality materials, the special C. Bechstein Concert playing mechanism offers perfectly controllable playing in every phase of the touch. Combined, this ensures a precision of repetition that is unusual for pianos and comes very close to that of concert grands.


Together with the C. Bechstein Concert hammerheads from our own production and the elaborate duplex system, the tension-rich resonance board gives the C. Bechstein Concert Pianos an almost orchestral-like shaping ability and differentiability.

Each component resembles a work of art

The best hammer heads

C. Bechstein only uses hammerheads that are adapted to the model in terms of weight and dimensional accuracy. In-house development enables individual adaptation and optimization to the respective model in elaborate test procedures. The mass and density of the selected felt as well as the hammer cores are custom-made at C. Bechstein.

„When I can really identify with the instrument, I know the customer will like it.“

Katrin Schmidt, Klavierbauerin

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